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What is Master’s in Management Studies? (Video)

What is Master’s in Management Studies? (Video)


For many people, there are several post-graduate options to choose from, such as looking for an MBA or a Master’s programme.


Disadvantages of choosing an MBA

To begin with, doing some online research into MBA programmes reveals a few potential obstacles. Although an MBA is suitable for people interested in business projects, entrepreneurship, and management, most of these programmes require that applicants have at least 4-5 years of work experience. In addition, tuition fees are quite high compared to undergraduate or postgraduate studies. The significant number of experienced individuals that might aim for the same renowned MBA programmes also results in a highly competitive pool of applicants.

Advantages of choosing a Master’s in Management Studies

In comparison, the available information for Master’s in Management programmes shows that they usually search for candidates with less than two years of professional experience. They are also more affordable than an MBA degree and, moreover, you will have access to entry-level positions all over the world upon entering the workforce.

There are additional advantages not to be disregarded, such as the opportunity to participate in a university exchange programme and study in a foreign country for a given semester. The curriculum structure is often flexible. Students may be able to choose between a more compact study period of 10 months and one that takes two years, giving you the option for specialisation as well as your core course. You might also be able to take on an internship during your studies which will give you valuable industry experience.

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Career options

You can find excellent opportunities for a Master’s in Management all over the world, in countries such as Canada, US, France, Germany, China, Singapore and more.

It is also important to think about possible career paths you can take after your Master’s degree. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies in different industries which are eager to hire Master’s in Management graduates. Some international examples mentioned in the video include Deutsche Bank and HSBC (Finance), Oliver Wyman and L’Oréal (Marketing), and KPMG (Consulting).

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