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Master’s Degree Rankings – Part 3

Master’s Degree Rankings – Part 3

In the previous two articles, we presented the most popular rankings for MIM and MFin, as well as a ranking source for Master’s programmes in about 30 other fields of study related to management, business and many others.

Another source that annually publishes rankings of Master’s programmes in various fields is The Best Master’s Degrees This source, however, publishes rankings that will only interest candidates that want to pursue an online Master’s degree in the United States. The Philadelphia based website is an example of a rankings’ source that has a very narrow focus, which is very helpful for prospective candidates who have made up their mind what type of graduate studies they want to pursue. There are numerous sources out there that have different sorts of rankings based on various criteria and specialisations. However, such specific sources will only be helpful to people who have already done extensive research and already know exactly what Master’s degree they would choose. The Best Master’s Degrees publishes rankings with a focus on several of the most popular fields of study and each of the rankings contains brief information and general presentation about the subject area, the starting and median salaries in the industry during the past year, as well as the career options available to graduates upon receiving their Master’s diploma. Each of the rankings presents the 10 best programmes in the States and displays some general information about the respective programme, an executive summary, the programme's tuition, as well as some unique features and special concentrations if available. The “10 Best Master’s” rankings you can find on the website are in the following areas:

Master’s in Health Informatics

Online Master’s in Computer Science

Online Master’s in Health Care Administration

Online Master’s in Criminal Justice

Online Master’s in Education Management

Online Master’s in Information Systems

You can see that sources abound when it comes to finding Master’s rankings of the best degrees. The most important thing to keep in mind here is that, as there are so many schools all over the world and even more programmes and subject areas to choose from, the rankings will only be helpful once you have already done a great deal of initial research on your prospective Master’s degree programme. Never rely solely on rankings to make a decision for your graduate education as different sources evaluate different criteria. And even though some particular programme may rank highly in the charts overall, your personal profile, needs and expectations may be a better fit for some of the lower-ranking schools. So do not make a decision based on the name of the school but instead on the particular programme offered and, even more so, on the specific features and courses you will have the chance to take.


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