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How to Gain Admission to a MS in Finance

How to Gain Admission to a MS in Finance


What is a MS in Finance degree and how can it help me launch my career?


A MS in Finance is a technical Master’s degree, so it’s typically completed in one academic year. It’s a degree that will help students to pursue careers in finance. These are usually entry-level positions in investment banking, investment management, sales and trading, real estate – a variety of areas. The Master’s degree is definitely for students who are seeking a very specialised experience. They want to get in and out of graduate school and are eager to launch their career.

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When should I apply for the MS in Finance programmes that interest me?

Schools may trail their programmes by saying “Apply earlier”, “We have more seats in the class”, “We have more scholarship dollars” and sometimes that’s a really great strategy, but often programmes will accept competitive candidates in spring. So you really have some flexibility about the best time to apply. If you know it’s your top programme, apply early. Secure a seat, try to get those scholarship dollars and get a strong application in early.

How should I prepare for the GMAT exam?

The GMAT can often be a nerve-racking component for candidates, but it doesn’t always have to be. Taking the test early, doing some prep work beforehand, exploring the GMAT website, doing practice tests and sample questions, are all great ways to enter the test feeling prepared. As you look at application rounds for different programmes, think about when you want to schedule the test. If you want to submit an application in the autumn or winter, it could be a good idea to take the test in the summer before your application. Then, if you want to re-sit it, you will still have time to do so.

Should I consider visiting the campuses I’m interested in?

Visiting campuses is one of the most exciting parts of applying to a graduate programme. Often schools will set up an open house or perhaps an invitation-only campus visit model. Take advantage of these opportunities if you can. You are often able to attend class, meet current students and have an interview in person. These are all experiences that will really help you understand the community and get an inkling of what it would be like to be a graduate student at that particular institution.

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What factors should I consider once I have received an offer of admission?

As you are thinking about the programme, any strong MS in Finance programme should enable you to connect you with alumni, current students, and perhaps even with faculty. So get to know the community even better. You are making a big decision and a huge commitment. Often schools will help you with career services. These are really great things that you would want to look for in programmes.


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