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5 Reasons to Get a Business Master’s Degree

5 Reasons to Get a Business Master’s Degree


Check out some of the reasons to get a business degree programme easier than ever before.

1. Great variety of Business Master’s degrees

The choice and diversity of Master’s degree programmes are growing as we speak. In fact the number of European Master’s programmes that are taught completely in English has increased by 42% since 2011 according to a new briefing paper from the Institute of International Education (IIE). A lot of people are using the advantage of getting a Masters Degree in Business which helps them a lot in the search of the dreamed position afterwards. Why not take advantage of this great variety of options?

2. Internships lead to jobs

According to another useful and encouraging piece of information from GMAC’s latest survey, 29% of employers recruited non-MBA business Master’s students as interns last year. Of these, 68% hired one or more of their interns for full-time employment which sounds very encouraging. It is also a proven fact that the MBA degree boosts your chances for a bigger salary or promotion.

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3. Increase in hiring

According to GMAC’s 2014 Corporate Recruiters Survey, half of the employers surveyed in 2014 plan to hire graduates from Master in Management programmes (up from 18% in 2009 and 45% in 2013). Furthermore, 45% of companies plan to hire Master of Accounting graduates (up from 17% in 2009 and 36% in 2013). Additionally, 44% of employers plan to hire Master of Finance graduates (up from 39% last year).

4. Land a job in 3 months

According to the 2014 Financial Times rankings of the top Master’s programmes in the world, over 90% of MA graduates get hired no later than three months after receiving their diploma and roughly 30% relocate for a career opportunity thanks to their graduate education. Moreover, thanks to your new position you can quickly pay off the expenses you had during your studies and the price of your MBA programme.

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5. Starting salary reaches US$73,000

According to the latest survey undertaken by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the overall average starting salary for the Class of 2013 graduates currently stands at US$45,327, an increase of 2.4% over the reported average of US$44,259 for the Class of 2012 graduates.

As per the latest Financial Times’ ranking, the 2014 average salary for graduates with a Master’s degree in Management and Finance are US$55,300 and US$63,100 respectively.

GMAC’s 2014 Corporate Recruiters survey reports that median base salaries for specialised business Master’s degree recipients in the United States range from US$63,000 (Master of Accounting) to US$73,000 (Master of Finance).

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