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10 Tips on How to Survive Graduate School

10 Tips on How to Survive Graduate School


The young and ambitious blogger Jade Kendle shares  10 tips that helped her get through her first semester in graduate school and prioritise her important tasks in life. According to Jade it is very difficult to balance school, work and lifestyle.


Jade is a full-time graduate student who works on campus. She also works in the field she is getting her Master’s in which is higher education.

Tip #1

Get a planner! Do not use your phone for making notes. Instead write them down on paper. This is the only way that enables you to keep everything in good order. You can even put your free time on the planner along with your work and study tasks. Writing things down helps you to manage your time efficiently.

Tip #2

Figure out what helps you relax and recharge for the next day. It can be drawing, sports or anything that makes you happy and gives you strength to do your best. In graduate school the pressure is a lot more than during your undergraduate studies, so you should have something that relaxes you. Take care of your body and spirit! Get enough rest and take vitamins!

Tip #3

Eat chocolate – dark if possible! You need to have something sweet near you when you have to spend two hours reading three chapters of a textbook. Chocolate makes you happier and gives you energy.

Tip #4

Use Purdue Owl Online Writing Lab to write your papers and do your research. It helps a lot because it tells you when to use citations, how to cite things – everything about your papers and research in one place.

Tip #5

Set up group study sessions. Divide your work with your peers, share your notes and study together. It makes it a lot easier if you study in a group.

Find the next five tips in the video. Enjoy watching and do not forget to comment!


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