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From Arts to a Master’s in Finance (Interview)

From Arts to a Master’s in Finance (Interview)

Yana Yaneva is currently looking for a Master’s program in the area of finance. A former junior project manager in the art sector, she is now plying her trade in the financial and the banking sector.

[0:07] Q: Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about your academic experience.

[0:12] A: My name is Yana Yaneva, I’m a Bachelor of Business Economics from the University of National and World Economy here in Sofia. I have experience as a junior project manager in the art sector, but currently I’m in the financial and the banking sector, working for a big bank, and I’m really enjoying it. I didn’t expect such a change, but it happened and I’m very happy about it. I have taken some additional courses on management and finance and financial math, and I’m currently looking to enroll in a Master’s program that can allow me to further develop my abilities in that area.

[1:00] Q: Have you taken GMAT, GRE, or some language tests?

[1:03] A: Not yet, but I’m planning to take IELTS test this winter, and I’m seriously considering GMAT now that I’m getting to know more about it.

[1:14] Q: Which part of the admission process do you find most challenging?

[1:19] A: Honestly, most of the universities that I have met already have very easy admission processes. Or if they’re a bit more complicated, they have personal advisers who guide you through the whole process. Or maybe I was just lucky with the universities that I chose!

[1:40] Q: What is the best way for you to prepare for exams – online, with tutors, or any other methods?

[1:47] A: For me, personally, I feel better in a group, in a group course environment. I’m the type of person who likes to interact with other people, and also this, like, the sports part of the learning. I prefer a little banter with others as part of learning, because if I just have to stay home alone and do the papers, it works, of course, but I like the more entertaining part better.

[2:21] Q: Are you aiming to be accepted to a particular school?

[2:25] A: Not yet, I have two or three that are in the top list already but I’m still making my choices.

[2:34] Q: How did you benefit from the Access event today?

[2:39] A: It gave me a broader view of the whole university market, if I can call it that. At first, I was only focused on certain universities that I had my eye on. But now I know more about what other universities offer to students and the overall environment in which we find ourselves. I think that at this stage networking is very important, especially when it comes to business. It’s important that a student knows about the opportunities other universities offer because, after all, in the outside world we’ll all be interacting with each other and working with each other, so this is vital.

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