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Finding the Right Master’s Degree (Interview)

Finding the Right Master’s Degree (Interview)

Check out our interview with Alexandra Catelyn, a business informatics student who is currently searching for the right Master’s degree.

[0:08] Q: Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit more about your academic experience and your professional history.

 [0:15] A: My name is Alexandra Catelyn, and I study business informatics and currently I’m interning at a company in my field while I’m studying because I’m studying a Bachelor’s degree, and I’m looking for a Master’s degree at the moment.

[0:31] Q: Why did you choose to continue with your education by pursuing a Master’s?

[0:36] A: It’s a very competitive sphere and I find it important to extend my knowledge in some areas because I study two different things – management and IT, so I’d like to focus on one of them a little bit more, so that I’ll be easier for me to find a job and to be competent in what I’m doing.

[0:59] Q: Have you taken GMAT, GRE, or language test?

[1:02] A: I have not taken a GMAT, I have an ACP certificate in English and a certificate in Russian, however, no, I don’t have the GMAT.

[1:14] Q: Which part of the admission process do you find most challenging, if you know, of course?

[1:20] A: I would say choosing the right program because there are so many options and so many countries. Thanks to globalization we can go wherever we want, basically. That would be the hardest part because when applying for a Bachelor’s degree I went through the process of a motivational letter, and CV and everything. So that’s not the part that worries me or is challenging. It’s more having to choose in the end.

[1:46] Q: What is the best way for you to prepare for the exams?

[1:50] A: Personally, I prefer individual studying, or studying with a tutor individually because it gives me the chance to ask exactly the questions that I want to ask, and it’s more effective in regards to time.

[2:08] Q: Do you wish to be accepted in a particular school?

[2:11] A: I don’t have an exact vision of which school I would like to be in, I just know that I would like it to be known for its high academic reputation, that’s my criteria.

[2:23] Q: How did you benefit from the Access event today?

{2:27] A: I benefited in many ways, particularly in knowing exactly what is required in order for all of the programs, and the One-to-One meetings allowed me to understand the financial aspect of having a Master’s degree, studying abroad specifically for a Master’s degree.

Watch the full video HERE.


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