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Business Masters or an MBA, an Innovative Ranking Powers Your School Selection

Business Masters or an MBA, an Innovative Ranking Powers Your School Selection

Are you looking for a business school that is highly-ranked, but based on your own criteria? Are you determined to find the school culture in which you will thrive personally and academically?

University students and young professionals weighing their options for business Master's and an MBA, or considering studying abroad versus domestically, can now access a free and powerful new tool – the Unimy 360o MBA Ranking.

This innovative ranking system not only aids you in identifying highly-ranked and reputable universities or business schools but does so in a way that ensures the best fit for prospective students’ individual goals and preferences.

The student-centered ranking

Launched in December 2023, the 360° MBA Ranking aims to redefine how candidates approach their business school selection process. By placing the candidate at the center of their search, Unimy equips you with a more meaningful and customized journey towards finding the right school and program.

The innovative Unimy methodology

The 360° Ranking is not just about numbers; it's about aligning educational aspirations with personal values in a world offering a great variety of Master’s and MBA programs.

Here is what Alexandra Catelyn shared in an interview for PrepAdviser about the importance of guidance in school selection. At the time of the interview, she was a business informatics student searching for the right Master’s degree:

“Choosing the right program was the most challenging part of my Master’s journey because there are so many options and so many countries. Thanks to globalization we can go wherever we want, basically. That would be the hardest part because when applying for a Bachelor’s degree I went through the process of a motivational letter, and CV and everything. So that’s not the part that worries me or is challenging. It’s more having to choose in the end.”

The Unimy methodology leverages data on career outcomes, diversity, academic excellence, and more from reputable rankings such as the Financial Times and US News, all while highlighting the importance of how the school culture fits the values of prospective students.

How it works

Prospective business school applicants have been using the new ranking system for several months now. You too can make the most of it in three simple steps:

  • Create your profile: Candidates start by registering to craft their personalized ranking, a process streamlined to ensure ease and accessibility.
  • Get the intelligent ranking calculation: Through analyzing responses, Unimy's algorithm dynamically scores programs, aligning them with the candidate's personal preferences.
  • Make an informed decision: With a tailor-made list of business school programs at your fingertips, you can navigate your options with confidence, knowing they are based on a comprehensive evaluation of what matters most to you.

Curious to try out? Start here.

More advantages

This personalized ranking system offers a tailored list of MBA programs based on your specified criteria, potentially making the first program on the list the best match. However, as preferences can change, the system allows you further customization.

If some of the programs of interest are not in the ranking results, they might be outside the top 100 programs. The good news is that you can still explore them using Unimy's platform diverse set of tools – such as AI Matching, Culture Fit, consulting, alumni webinars.


The 360° MBA Ranking by Unimy opens a new era in university selection, empowering current undergraduate students, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree holders, and young professionals to make informed decisions that align with their academic, career, and personal aspirations.

You can now make the most of it. Try it out.


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