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How to Study for the GRE this Summer (Quick Reads)

How to Study for the GRE this Summer (Quick Reads)

Helpful for: MBA, Master’s Applicants

Read Time: 5 minutes Quick Facts:

  • Adding a minimum of 5 hours of GRE study time per week to your schedule will ensure that your commitment pays off. Remember to space the slots out, in order to have time to relax on weekends. Take at least one day off to regain strength.
  • There is a plethora of useful resources online you can use to prepare, such as e-books and practice tests, which will save you the hassle of commuting and enable you to study from the comfort of your home.
  • Spending time in nature is a great way to disengage and relieve any accumulated stress.

Useful Information:

  • Deciding on a fixed deadline to take the official test will give you the ability to create a clear timeline and assess your efforts along the way. Cat explains:

Selected Quote:

First, if you began your GRE studying in June, this will give you about two and a half to three months to prepare, which, if you’re committed and consistent, is a good timeline for many students. Second, you’ll still leave plenty of time to take the test again before most application deadlines. In an ideal world, you’d only need to take the test once. Bad days do happen, though, and I see many students take the test twice (and most do better on their second sitting). Third, you’ll get the test out of the way with plenty of time left to work on the other, equally important aspects of your application.

  • Changing the times and places of where you study will add some spontaneity to the process, and will help you avoid losing your enthusiasm.

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Good luck in your academic journey.

Source: Manhatttan Prep


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