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Leadership for Engineers (MOOC Review)

Leadership for Engineers (MOOC Review)

Why not consider this free online course on leadership for engineers?

Many of today’s globalized world problems such as climate change, the growth of the world's population, cyber security, the increasing demands on scarce resources, the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, require tech-driven solutions. With this in mind, it is no surprise that one quarter of the CEOs of the world’s largest corporations have an engineering degree.

We need leaders who know how to seize opportunities in a networked world, and can mobilise people and other stakeholders for large-scale change. Leaders who lead fulfilling lives and who are able to move themselves and others from the ‘me’ to the ‘we’. Leaders who are long-term oriented and who deliver economic profit, while also making positive contributions to society and the environment. We call these leaders ‘sustainable leaders’.

About the course

The course has three parts:

  •  In the first part, you will explore the contexts that leaders are facing, building an understanding of the complexities of global and business challenges. You will discover the many factors that leaders must consider when making their choices. You will learn the effective leadership practices.
  • In the second part, you will discover your personal self through group exercises. You will create a “Personal Charter” that can serve as a life-long guide, helping you to make important choices in your personal and professional life.
  • In the third part, you will see the link between the knowledge and the context. You will be able to transform the insights of this course into a leadership model and you will discover what sustainable leaders do. You will have the chance to self reflect and to determine your own career choices.

Before enrolling, please bear in mind that the course is designed specifically for individuals who are currently enrolled in an engineering programme or who are in possession of an engineering degree. However, people with working experience or a strong interest in the topic are welcome to participate.

Duration: 5 weeks

Language: English

Instructors: Hans de Bruijn; Dana Krueger; Pitere Ligthart; Surya Ramkumar; Stefaan Rodts; Gerdien de Vries

Institution: Delft University of Technology



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